Thank you for the detailed breakdown on the recycling. I will share this with the school. Thank you for the convenience that you offer. With everyone so busy these days the drop off and stack the truck really works to reduce everyone's day in 1/2. Thank you as well for your timing with the 2nd truck. We appreciate

your organization and customer service

It was certainly great meeting you and working alongside you. Words cannot express how much your assistance made to us for the event as well as personally. You are truly one of the few who just wants to help ... just dig in and make it happen!


We have great belief and trust in Gord and have no doubt you will see that as well in the transparency and professionalism he will provide. We are also very proud of the positive environmental impact this program has, which is something we know all our partners are pleased to be a part of.

Kevin Webster

KidSport Calgary 

Our Team will bring our promise of accountability!

We are members of the ABCRC Community Champions Program and all recyclable

containers are recorded making an impact on our environment.

As a first time fundraising manager, I really appreciated all of your help pulling together the very successful bottle drive

we had this summer! It was so easy. Our team of 14 girls have been looking for ways to contribute funding for tournament expenses. As parents, we like to see the girls putting in effort

to let the girls know that sports can be expensive, and we can work together to help cover costs. The fact that recycle4life helps to raise funds for other kids in the community is a huge perk! Thank you for being so flexible when weather became a challenge (crazy Calgary wildcard!).

I'll be in touch soon to organize another one!

Lorene Sikma

Central Memorial Music

Parents Advisory Committee

Pam Middleton

Calgary Hockey Night in Canada 

Event Manager - Play on!

I would like to thank you both so much for your support on our bottle drive on Saturday, it was very nice to meet you both, Calgary needs more people like you, Thank You!

Andrew - Calgary Adrenaline 04


Rangers FC06 Girls

Fundraising Manager