Who We Are . . .

The KidSport Recycling Program is proudly powered by Recycle For Life. We raise funds for KidSport Calgary & other non for profit organizations through the collection of recyclable beverage containers. Our service offers pick ups at residential, schools, sporting facilities and businesses. 

We specialize in bottle drives, where we will get you your maximum dollar by marketing, collecting, and sorting.

You will receive full disclosure and accounting!

Honesty              Integrity           Commitment

For a child to learn to swim it would take: 500 water bottles or 200 large milk jugs!

For a child to begin Karate/Tae Kwon Do it would take: 750 juice boxes or 300 two litre bottles of Pop!

For a child to learn to Skate it would take: 75 CASES of bottled water or 30 CASES of pop!

For a child to sign up for soccer it would take: 1250 Kool-aid packs or 500 large tomato juice containers!

For a child to try gymnastics or football it would take: 1750 small milk containers or 700 large chocolate milk containers!

For a child to join initiation hockey or active start ringette it would take: 2500 glass containers or 1000 large water jugs!

For a child to enjoy a year of sport it would take: 4000 pop cans or 1600 4 litre plastic milk jugs!!This is

Our Promise To You

Our passion to growing lifelong health and wellness in our communities with our partners has never been stronger. Not only do we see the day to day benefits of our program, we also see the lasting impact we are making on our youth. Our program is fueled by honesty, integrity and commitment and we promise to deliver on those words every pick up, bottle drive and stop we have!

Fun Facts